REVIEW: No One's Angel by Kelly Walker

21yo heroine shows up on the doorstop of early-20s Hero after escaping her controlling boyfriend.

They’ve never met in person but established a close relationship through their online gaming 2 years before. She dropped out of their gaming suddenly a year ago and they’ve had no contact ever since. She needs his help but can’t divulge her dangerous secrets. He tries to be patient with her, fearing she’ll run from him again. But when her paranoia about her ex-boyfriend closes in to their life, she has to choose whether to trust Hero with her life or not.

The premise of this book was great but the delivery was not. The writing was choppy and made it hard to read. The dialogue and characterization were inconsistent, making the characters seem immature. For example, Hero repeatedly promised heroine he’ll “always” be there for her and protect her from here on out. Then, later we see him shunning her after she moves out to his family farm because she felt justifiably betrayed by him. Instead of apologizing and trying to help her understand his helpful motives, he huffs and puffs and gets rid of her things from his apartment in the same day and considers moving on to another woman. Heroine is needy and dependent on Hero one day and then complains of being stifled by him, the next. Their words and emotions seesawed without explanation. I ended up feeling irritated with them and with this book, which is too bad because the premise sounded good. The sexual tension was good in the beginning but became derailed by the seesawing dialogue & emotions. Sex scenes were ok but I was already annoyed with them so it felt flatter.

Restrictedly recommended.

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*ARC courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.