REVIEW: His Unexpected Legacy (Harlequin Presents) by Chantelle Shaw

Physical therapist changes her mind about informing Italian businessman Hero about their 3-year-old son and asking him for some financial support for their son. Hero still wants to avoid commitment,

which was the reason why she left him 4 years ago. But, when he sees their son, he demands custody of him, especially when he thought that heroine was mistreating him. As passionate as they are together, she still wonders whether his interest in her is because of his feelings for her or because she’s the mother of the son he wants with him.

This was a romance of convenience. Neither Hero nor heroine would’ve sought each other or fought for their relationship if it wasn’t for circumstances getting them together. For heroine, it was finances for her son’s happiness. For Hero, it was being a father to his son. Without their son, they wouldn’t have had a chance for a long-term romance. Their sexual attraction was intense but their emotional connection was lacking, especially on Hero’s part. Hero easily let her go in the past and married someone else in a matter of weeks.** Seeing her again in the present triggered sexual response but not an emotional interest in her. Heroine was in love with Hero the past 4 years but she punished him for not reciprocating by leaving him and keeping their son a secret from him. They both manipulated each other to get what they wanted. Although I was surprised at Hero’s softening later, Hero still held the emotional upper-hand in their relationship. He conveniently realized he was in love with her later and she believed him. I’m more skeptical.

Partially recommended.

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