To Mend a Marriage

To Mend a Marriage - Wife of 14 months has realized that her feelings for her husband of convenience has changed in the last few months & wished for a real marriage with him. Hero seems to be willing to take their business marriage to another level until her twin sister & his younger brother come back into their lives due to her twin sister's baby. Now both Hero & heroine think that the other is still in love with their ex.

I haven't been pleased with Mortimer books I've read lately but this one was different. As convoluted as their reason was for getting married (Hero was engaged to heroine's identical twin & heroine dated Hero's younger brother until they found out that they were having an affair), their romance starts 1 yr after their marriage of convenience, long enough for both Hero & heroine to deal with their issues re: their exes & get to know each other well enough. I liked how hero was patient in waiting for heroine to realize things for herself & didn't push his own agenda. But Hero wasn't a doormat by any means. It was also endearing for Hero not to give up on his marriage to heroine even when he thought that she was still in love with his brother. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were passionate. As irritating as it was that Hero & heroine's main problems stemmed with their inability to communicate what was troubling them about each other, their big misunderstanding is what made this story emotionally involving & brought the angst in their romance.