Serviced, Volume 1

Military short stories about:
Story 1(Burrow): A reunion 7 months later after a hot 2-night stand between Corporal Hero and heroine.
Story 2(Bushman): A second-chance between Chief Petty Officer Hero and forensic investigator heroine 5 years later
Story 3(Corrigan): A tryst at a beach between Coast Guard Hero and young, carefree hippie heroine after just having met.
Story 4(Dawson): Military Hero's surprise for his wife of 10 years, after being apart for 6 months.
Story 5(Jones): Instant desire between British au pair in Texas and Air Force colonel.
Story 6(McAllan): Possible marriage arrangement between lascivious Major Hero and his best friend's younger sister.
Story 7(Petrovskii): A shared kiss after weeks of competitive sparring matches between Warrant Officer Hero and Corporal heroine.
Story 8(Rosewarne): Asking for sexual comfort from her brother's friend and fellow soldier after
being informed by him that her soldier brother died.
Story 9(Stoneley): Seduction plan to convince her brothers' best friend, UK Special Forces Hero, how it's acceptable to succumb to their long-held mutual attraction to each other again.
Story 10(Petrovskii): Warming each other up while snowed in a barn becomes steamy for Corporal heroine and Lieutenant Hero.

This novella had 10 short-stories, ranging from 25 pages to less. And because they were all so brief, I didn’t mind reading the less than stellar stories. The stories were a mixed bag of good and not-as-good. My favorites** were the ones that tugged at my emotions because Hero and heroine were clearly in love with and so hot for each other. I was surprised that these brief stories were able to include some substantial-enough relationship problems to the romance to warrant a bit of poignancy. Those I considered average and higher were erotic romance stories. The average reads showed the Hero and heroine’s emotional connection but they didn’t engage me as much. The below-average reads lacked emotional connection between the main characters. They’re more erotica, which I don’t like to read because it’s basically just sex. In a couple of these stories, Hero was motivated by some other non-emotional reason to be with heroine.** Love didn’t seem to be involved.

Overall, partially recommended.

**A more detailed review with SPOILERS is on my blog. Click here.
*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.