In The Millionaire's Possession (Promotional Presents)

In the Millionaire's Possession - Sara Craven Heroine agrees to marry French businessman Hero in order to save her beloved family estate from financial ruin. Hero makes it clear that he wants heroine & her family estate. She tries to steel herself from getting emotionally involved with him after she overhears Hero and his friend talking about Hero’s married lover. She tries to show him that she’ll bear their marriage only for the sake of her family estate. She blocks his efforts to make their marriage be more than their business arrangement. It took for Hero to almost lost his business to make her believe that he may possibly care for her too.

This was an ok HP(harlequin presents) marriage of convenience romance. Heroine kept resisting Hero overtly even though inwardly she was falling for him. Big misunderstandings which include another woman complicates their r/s. What I did like was Hero being straightforward about his desire for heroine & making many attempts to lower her resistances towards him. It would’ve caused less misunderstanding on heroine’s part if he was honest about his feelings of love for heroine from the get-go. He played his games by letting her think he only wanted her for sex & her family estate. Their sexual chemistry was present and eventual sex scenes were passionate but stifled many times by heroine’s resistances. I felt sorry for the Hero after the umpteenth time of her hot-then-cold sexual treatment towards him. She finally made a decision about their r/s after she finds out how much Hero sacrificed to make her happy. She was obsessed about her family estate but she proved her love to Hero when she chose him over the estate.

Moderately recommended.