Baby of Shame (Ulverscroft Large Print Series)

Baby Of Shame (Ulverscroft Large Print Series) - Julia James Burned-out heroine has been taking care of her illegitimate young son & emotionally-unavailable father who recently died after a long illness the past 5 years. She gets hospitalized after a car accident & is further traumatized with her son being taken away from her by a suspicious social worker who thinks she's a drug addict. She feels even worse when her son's wealthy father tries to take full-custody of their son after he finds out about his existence from the social worker. Both Hero & heroine have major trust issues stemming from their own upbringing as well as miscommunication from their 1 passionate night together 5 years ago.

I loved this James' book. It had a wonderful romance & sizzling chemistry & love scenes. It pulled my emotions dramatically. I found myself in tears a few times. The misunderstanding & miscommunication between Hero & heroine was so great that I wondered how they could ever come to even like or trust each other again. James weaved the story well. It was interesting to see the character development throughout this short book. I sympathized with both as their childhood experiences explained how they interpreted events that happened & why they responded the way they did to each other. I really liked how Hero groveled for heroine's forgiveness. It was believable & touching.

Highly recommended.