After the Storm (A KGI Novel)

24y.o. heroine isn’t sure about trusting early-30s Hero who offered his help to keep her and her half-siblings safe from their influential stepfather.

They’ve been on the run since she found out her stepfather may be abusing her 4y.o. half-sister. Hero is intent on entrapping his stepfather from his own evil plans and securing a good future with heroine and her half-siblings. Heroine soon succumbs to his persistent caring and possessiveness. But overhearing him betray her the next day sends her running to danger. How can she trust him again?

Sorry to say but I didn’t like this Banks’ book, which was too bad since I liked [b:Whispers in the Dark|10675183|Whispers in the Dark (KGI, #4)|Maya Banks||15584819] a lot. It was tepid at first, with its lack of emotional engagement. Then it soon became off-putting, as Hero became quickly obsessed with heroine and her siblings. His musings about them sounded weird and over the top.** Even heroine seemed taken aback by his strange attraction towards her and her siblings. But she gave in to him soon enough. Their relationship felt more awkward and dysfunctional than romantic. It didn't help that heroine was TSTL(too stupid to live). The action-suspense part seemed contrived and unbelievable in some parts. I was going to DNF(did not finish) this book early on but hoped it would somehow improve since it’s written by Maya Banks. But, no. It became corny and contrived towards the end. So I skipped and skimmed the last few pages. I had enough.

I’d skip this book.

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*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.