REVIEW: Bought for the Greek's Bed (Harlequin Presents #2645)

26.yo. heroine demands the money she was promised by her estranged husband of 18 months Hero for their marriage of convenience.

Greek businessman Hero will only give it to her if she spends some time in his bed. Heroine unhappily accepts due to the financial pressure that’s forcing her to do so. Their sexual intimacy brings back memories and feelings she’s done her best to forget. And Hero’s coldness towards her when not intimate only makes her determined to pay him back after. What will her revenge accomplish?

This James’ book left me frustrated, since the intense emotional wrangling between the main characters wasn’t settled very well. There was the requisite love confession between them at the end but there was hardly any redemption for the cruelty Hero constantly displayed towards heroine and we didn’t get a good idea of their secret desires for each other. They were both too busy disliking, mistrusting, and planning against each other. I also didn’t feel positively connected to them. I became more annoyed with heroine as the book unfolded.** And I barely knew Hero aside from his calculated coldness and vengefulness.

Slightly recommended.

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