Fighting Love (Love to the Extreme)

33y.o. veterinarian doesn’t want to make too much of the kiss she shared with her decades-old BFF(best friend) Hero.

She’s been secretly in love with him for a long time but now has to accept that he’ll never see her more than just a friend, after the sister comments he made about her lately. 33y.o. MMA (mixed-martial arts) fighter Hero is trying to resist his new and intensifying sexual attraction to heroine but living with her the last few weeks had made it difficult. And especially when he sees her getting closer to another MMA fighter. They eventually become intimate. But their fears prevent them from making a total commitment to each other.** How do they handle them?

Sexy, sometimes funny, sweet, and poignant. This was a good best-friends-turned-to-lovers romance. We saw the internal process of what the change was like for Hero who only recently saw heroine as a woman. We also saw what it was like for heroine to be the recipient of the reciprocated desire she’d hope for but was afraid to acknowledge, in fear that she was only fooling herself. I love the dynamics of the emotional changes in their relationship and the uncertainties both faced. Heroine was likeable in her practicality and her courage to move on, even when her hopes and desires say otherwise. She had a good head on her shoulders. She spurred Hero to grow up. Her fears that he would revert back to his old immature ways were realistic. It took grit to be able to put limits on their relationship when she did. Hero did grovel but the timing and delivery lost some of the impact it could’ve given.**

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