REVIEW: Kiss And Tell (Revenge Is Sweet) (Harlequin Presents) by Sharon Kendrick

24y.o. model invites her ex-boyfriend Hero over to finally tell him that they have a 5-month-old son together.

But she lets their strong passion sweep them away since she believes that he’ll want nothing to do with her romantically once he knows the truth. Famous scriptwriter Hero is livid over what she did and confronts her about it. It opens up their unresolved past problems. How can they work on their irreconcilable past problems now? Are their betrayals too much to be able to have a future together?

I had mixed feelings about this Kendrick book. On one hand, I like the realistic portrayal of the couple’s issues and their reactions to them. On the other hand, it was a little too real. Hero and heroine had a lot of irreconcilable differences in the past due to heroine’s immaturity and Hero’s seeming indifference to their dying romance. Adding a secret baby to the mix seemed like a recipe for an explosive present reunion. But, due to Hero and heroine doing some maturing in the past few years, they were able to discuss some things reasonably well. They both confronted his betrayal and her subsequent betrayal.** The ending didn’t make me sigh though. Instead it made me wonder about their future. The way things ended seemed a lot like how they came together in the first place, driven by strong passion. An epilogue detailing Hero and heroine happy a few years later would’ve reassured me.

Sufficiently recommended.

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