REVIEW: Forty 2 Days (The Billionaire Banker) by Georgia Le Carre

20y.o. heroine agrees to finish the 42 days she reneged from her previous contract to be 30y.o. billionaire banker Hero’s mistress a year ago.

As a result, she’ll get the business loan she needed for the store she and her best friend plan to set up. Heroine’s primary motive, however, is to be with Hero as much as she can. Being away from him was very difficult yet she cannot tell him about their 3-month-old son. Hero restarts their affair with a vengeful plan to treat her like sex object but her open and vulnerable responses to him eventually soften his attitude. When things go well with their romance, the dangerous interference of his family make her think twice about staying with Hero for the remainder of their current contract. What does she do? How does Hero respond?

I liked this book much more than book 1, [b:The Billionaire Banker|18634471|The Billionaire Banker (The Billionaire Banker, #1)|Georgia Le Carre||26166702] (my review here). The writing was edgier, smoother, steamier, and more emotionally-evoking. The biggest progress was that we finally get to know Hero, unlike book 1. I felt more connected to him as I learn more about his inner motives and he began getting more emotionally unhinged due to how heroine made him feel. But his openness also displayed that he was a broken man with a secret past.** Heroine had secrets and I liked how she was able to maneuver them yet still get what she wanted. She grew up since book 1 and she’s now taking charge of her wants and needs instead of just being a victim of circumstance. I enjoyed this book immensely and was a fast read because it was unpredictable and sometimes shocking.

Highly recommended.

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**ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.