REVIEW: Melting the Ice (A Play-by-Play Novel) by Jaci Burton

28y.o. fashion designer wants to resist her one-time lover and brother’s college best friend from 10 years ago so she can fully focus on her new fashion line.

But she’s still very attracted to 30y.o. hockey player Hero who agreed to be 1 of her male models. And he’s decided to pursue a 2nd chance with her. Their affair fulfills their passion for each other and heroine doesn’t expect anything long term from it, knowing his dating history. However, Hero hints at more. Yet, when she really needs him to be there for her, he shuns her. What caused Hero’s change of heart?

I love second-chance romances and this one was fair. I liked that Hero apologized for his mistreatment of heroine 10 years ago & tried to be a better person with her now. But I didn’t like the emotional imbalance between them. Heroine was always the one who cared more. And Hero knew it and was cocky about how she wanted him, especially when she tried to fight it. His decision to pursue her now was more out of convenience than it was because he loved her. Heroine had her good and bad moments too. I liked her independence and focus. But I did not like her fickleness and playing coy with Hero. It made her seem weak. The steam factor was hot and sex scenes were explicit and plentiful. Emotional tone was middling overall but it did get a bit angsty when Hero had a change of heart.**

Moderately recommended.

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*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.