Force of Feeling

Force of Feeling - Penny Jordan 26yo historical-fiction writer is aghast at finding her attractive agent in her cottage hideaway. She feels very uncomfortable at his insights about her masking her sexuality & how it's affecting her writing. His challenge to have her finish her book in the next few weeks raises both her determination to prove him wrong & her passion for him. As they indulge in an affair, heroine is unsure whether Hero is only motivated by his attraction to her.

This Jordan book was paced well, emotionally-involving, & had good sexual chemistry & love scenes. I liked Hero's chasing after heroine & reassuring her of how much she affects him. I liked that he confronted her about her insecurities & didn't baby her too much. What I didn't like was heroine's major self-esteem issues. She was blindly insecure just b/c her ex-husband of 1 week criticized her looks & her sexuality. She allowed his critical remarks run her life for 6 years & disregarded other people's opposing views about her. Basically, heroine was weak & immature when it came to her self-esteem even though she was an intelligent & accomplished writer. Her keeping her pregnancy a secret from Hero just showed how immature she still was.