Past Passion

Past Passion - Penny Jordan Heroine downplays her looks due to her shame & guilt over having sex several times with stranger Hero & not remembering it b/c she was drunk. Hero informed her about it the next day. She is shocked to find out that the new owner of the company she works for is the stranger she spent the night with but is relieved that he doesn't seem to recognize her. She makes Hero think she's in love with her dud of a BF. She feels the need to have a buffer for the sexual awareness she continually feels around him (Hero) & her confusion about how much different hero is now than how he appeared to be when she 1st met him.

Like usual, Jordan writes an emotionally engaging book. I liked the main characters, even with the early-90s cultural mores. The Big Misunderstanding & how the heroine reacted to it was understandable & not over the top. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were good. Dialogue was good & made book's pacing go fast.