The Billionaire's Captive Bride

The Billionaire's Captive Bride - Emma Darcy Reclusive children's-book author decides to enjoy herself with wealthy Hero in the limited time she knows she has with someone like him who has a playboy reputation. She doesn't correct his assumption that she's just a preschool teacher but when he finds out her real identity he feels deceived by her. She, on the other hand, thinks that he can't take her independence & success & leaves him. When she finds out she got pregnant, things become even more complicated for her.

This was a decent read. Romance, dialogue, & characters were all good. I liked that Hero was alpha male yet was not a jerk. Heroine was strong & independent. They both had their issues re: success & their r/s problem stems from that. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were sensual, as is typical of Darcy's books.