Fatherhood Affair

The Fatherhood Affair - Emma Darcy Hero has been in love with his business partner's wife since he 1st met her during her wedding 4 years ago. When she comes out of mourning her young son & adulterous husband, he opens up about his feelings towards heroine but she blames hero for abetting her husband's infidelities. His honesty spurs her to face her strong attraction to him, making her run away from him & get hit by a car. She suffers from temporary memory loss, wherein she embraces her feelings towards Hero. Hero warns her that she'll likely change her mind about him when her memory comes back. And it does but not in the way Hero predicts.

This was a decent Darcy book. The romance, pacing, dialogue, & characterization were good. I liked Hero's respect for heroine, even though he was wildly in love with her for a long time. It was neat to have him be strong & silent about his love for her when she was married & mourning & then be honesty & aggressive about chasing after her when she was out of mourning. I also liked heroine's brutal honesty with herself when she realizes she might be wrong in her opinions. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were sensual.