Slave to Love

Slave to Love - Michelle Reid Mistress of 1-yr & employee of company-owner Hero is finally tired of playing 2nd fiddle to his 18-yr-old daughter & ex-wife. She tells him their affair is over. He disagrees & easily seduces her but, as usual, their intimacies get interrupted by his daughter's demanding phone calls & hero hops to it. So heroine threatens to really end their r/s this time but Hero, once again, is able to seduce her & then daughter calls...The cycle repeats over & over until Hero overhears his daughter's mean accusations about herooine.

What did I like about this book? Overall writing, emotional pull, sexual chemistry & fast read. Now the stuff I didn't like...weak, stupid, & doormat heroine & self-serving Hero. Hero doesn't take heroine seriously & seems amused by her threats to end their r/s. His daughter's needs obviously comes 1st & I don't buy the sudden change at the end. Heroine's passive-aggressiveness & failure to directly state her opinions & feelings when crisis situations arise only serve to encourage hero's negative family dynamics. Sex & imbalance of power is what holds hero & heroine's relationship together. A happily-ever-after for these 2 is very doubtful. This book got my emotions so involved--often in negative ways--that I was not bored at all.

Recommended with lots of caution.