Getting Even

Getting Even (Harlequin Presents, #1945)  - Sharon Kendrick Attractive & buxom stewardess was left a mansion by one of the airline passengers she befriended. She's attracted to Hero but thinks he's just playing games with her & not really truly interested in the real her b/c she's not a stick-thin woman who easily acquiesces to his demands. Despite her rejection & active resistance to his pursuit, Hero continues to pursue her b/c of the unwelcome attraction he feels towards her & another motive that involves the inheritance left for heroine.

Another enjoyable Kendrick book. Emotionally involving from the start. Good romance. Sizzling chemistry. Likeable characters. I liked that heroine was independent, smart, & innocent but not in a naive or stupid way. When she had sex with Hero, she did it knowing what it meant for her & the possible consequences. Hero was arrogant & judgmental but, when he realized he misjudged heroine, he was sincerely apologetic & became more emotionally vulnerable to her.