Indecent Proposal (Landon's Legacy)

Indecent Proposal (Landon's Legacy) - Former all-girls-private-school career counselor has tried to turn her dad's failing oil company around base on her college business textbooks but to no avail. When experienced oil engineer Hero tries to save the company his newly-deceased dad recently purchased & tries to fire heroine, she puts up a fight & lies about a verbal contract in order to keep her job position. Hero keeps her own while he scrambles to right the major wrongs of the company. But heroine views it as chauvinistic manuevering & fights him about mostly everything including how he takes care of her when she got bitten by a scorpion. Their constant fighting leads to some passionate encounters but their fight for control detains them from emotional intimacy.

I liked the other Jordan books in this sequel ([[ASIN:026314593X Hollywood Wedding]], [[ASIN:0263145786 Guardian Groom]]) but I didn't care much for this one. My main problem with this book is the heroine. She is so defensive & easily offended by Hero that she fights him over every little thing he does. She's really silly about it b/c the company was in the red & she knew it & knew that she was inexperienced & not knowledgeable about business matters but, when Hero tries to save the company which his family now owns, she balks b/c he's not asking her permission or asks her assistance. Even though he let her retain her position b/c she lied about a verbal contract, she complains & blames him for the company's failings & is really negative about his business plans. Yes, hero is domineering & arrogant but he can back it up b/c of his successful business experience in the oil industry and his family now owns her dad's oil company and the company was in dire need of his business acumen. Although the writing is good & the sexual chemisty was even ok, I became more & more irritated with argumentative heroine as the book went along so much so that I was hoping that Hero dumped the ever-complaining heroine.

Read if you dont' mind argumentative heroines.