His Sleeping Partner (Mills & Boon Large Print)

His Sleeping Partner - Elizabeth Oldfield Photojournalist heroine is surprised at the offer to visit Brazil from the son of her mother's old boyfriend & takes him up on it. She thought that he wanted to bury the hatchet from their inimical parting years ago due to his misconception of her part in breaking up his dad & her mom's love affair. When she arrived in Brazil, she realized that he only followed his recently-deceased dad's suggestion to have her visit Brazil & that he still holds the same misconception about her. Despite their initial tension, their attraction to each other leads them to an affair which ends up being longer than they both expected.

This is my 1st Oldfield read & it was average. The writing was good. There's a lot of info about the culture & people of Brazil. Dialogue was good. Sexual chemistry was & love scenes were only ok. Overall, the book lacked emotional intensity & depth. The characters acted like normal people. They were attracted to each other but not in a "you're the One" way. Hero & heroine had other relationships & felt more for each other than their other companions but not much more. They got the know each other & enjoyed each other when they became intimate but they didn't have that zing that I like to read about in my romance books. Even heroine's big secret was handled without much fanfare. They discussed it thoroughly & soon enough they say their I-love-yous & the end. I like my HPs dramatic & emotionally intense & this one wasn't.

Recommended if looking for emotionally-light reading.