A Love Like That

A Love Like That - Natalie Fox British heroine finally visits her estranged dad's Tuscan villa 2 yrs after his sudden death. She faces off with villa's previous owner(Hero) who demands she not sell the villa. As much as she's irritated by his demands & his questionable r/s with his son's beautiful nanny, she's attracted to Hero but doesn't think he returns her feelings b/c he appears to still feel much for his deceased wife.

My 1st Fox book & it was a pleasant read. It was different than other Harlequin Presents books b/c the dialogue carried most of the story/romance. Through the main characters dialogue, I'm able to experience their witty camraderie, cruel arguments, and traumatic past issues. The characters showed depth. The sexual chemistry was good & love scenes were ok. Heroine sometimes acted self-pitying & came to some dumb conclusions but that's par for the HP course.