Not Without You

Not Without You - Janelle Taylor Interior designer has been separated from her husband for 3 yrs. She helps him recuperate from a plane crash that caused him selective amnesia & kill her childhood guy friend. Since Hero seems to have re-prioritized his life & their marriage, heroine agrees to move in with him & give their marriage another chance. Further attempts on Hero's life make them focus their efforts in finding the culprit who seems to be someone on the inside of Hero's company.

This Taylor book is a decent 2nd-chance romance. There's not a lot of big dramatics in their reconciliation & they ease back into their r/s quickly but with deliberation on both Hero & heroine's parts. Their Big Misunderstandings were due to believing one persons lies & not confronting each other about. Instead they pulled away from each other. I like that both main characters stayed celibate during their 3-year separation. Their sexual chemistry & love scenes were ok & displayed their renewed fervor for each other. The writing & pacing were good, with an unpredictable suspense that kept me guessing.