Dangerous Desire

Dangerous Desire - Sarah Holland Beautiful heroine is hit by powerful feelings for her friend's playboy brother upon meeting him. Hero confronts heroine about both her antagonism & attraction towards him. As much as heroine passionately denies her strong attraction to Hero, she finds it hard to control her sexual response to hero & Hero uses that knowledge to propel her to confess her innermost secrets. All there physical & verbal wrangling leaves heroine in doubt about whether Hero's interest in her is purely sexual or more.

I didn't like this Holland book. It was too negatively dramatic. The romance was dysfunctional b/c of the characters. Their sexual chemistry & sex scenes had an S&M leaning. Heroine was verbally & physically/sexually attacking & both she & Hero seemed to like that. Hero frequently threatened to punish heroine with sex if she doesn't do his bidding & she responded ambivalently to his threats. The dialogue was also dramatic & bipolar, with lots of "hate" & "love" words about the same person/event. That's part of what made this book exhausting, annoying, & eye-rolling to read. Hero threatens heroine then heroine responds with same hate-filled language about Hero & then she realizes she IS in love with him. This craziness occurs over & over again.

Hero & heroine were unlikeable. Heroine was a spoiled & self-pitying drama queen. She was a willing doormate who complained & emoted her problems without backing it up with her actions. She was also insecure, approval-seeking, strikes out when stressed, & masochistic. Hero was her match. He was manipulative, controlling, & threatening. He often goaded heroine & would punish (or threaten to) her for getting upset with him but he seemed to like that. Their "love" seemed so unhealthy. For their future, I can only imagine either a very bumpy road ahead and/or lots of S&M in their bedroom.

Warning: not a feel-good book.