Virtually Perfect

Virtually Perfect (Harlequin Blaze #142) - Samantha Hunter Private & cool magazine writer is unsure about meeting the man she's been chatting with on the internet. She's revealed many of her innermost thoughts & fantasies to him, feeling safe with him. But she's afraid that meeting each other in person will ruin their r/s. When she takes the chance, they're both shocked to discover that they work for the same company & don't like each other. Heroine's unknown stalker propel their awkward r/s to a closer one as Hero helps heroine find her stalker & protects her from danger.

This was a good online-to-real-life romance. It was sexy with some emotional depth. The stalker element was peripheral & predictable but added to the romance. Characters were interesting, with Hero as the emotionally open one with an affectionate family history & heroine as closed-in one with hardly any attachments. I liked how Hero was patient & sensitive to heroine's tendency to withdraw, when he finally understood why. He didn't push her yet he didn't play doormat to her either. He challenged her enough to start thinking about what she wanted in their r/s.