The Irresistible Tycoon (9 To 5)

The Irresistible Tycoon  (9 To 5) - Helen Brooks Heroine swore to be man-free forever after her abusive & gambling husband died 2 years earlier. Her promise gets challenged by the powerful attraction she feels towards her new boss. She's tempted to quit her job, especially after they kiss, if not for her monetary debts & providing for her 4yo daughter. Hero is direct about what he wants from her & shows his willingness to go at her speed. But will heroine trust him enough to ever let go of her fears?

Overall, this was a decent Brooks' book. The romance & emotional & sexual tension had a good build-up but petered out towards the end. The time period b/w Hero's love declaration to heroine's realization was too long. The 3 or 4 months that went by made their sizzling sexual chemistry tepid so by the end we don't even get 1 measly sex scene. It was anti-climaxing. Aside from that, characters were done well. Hero was alpha male with sensitivity & patience with heroine. Heroine was a good mother & friend & survivor. She had major trust issues with men due to her ex-husband. She was wise to guard her heart & see evidence of Hero's love. Brooks just didn't tie this well enough with the sexual & emotional chemistry b/w the 2. But Hero & heroine's love was strong & deep & their future looked good.

Recommended with some provisions.