Best for Last

The Best for Last - Stephanie Howard Hardworking heroine loved successful Hero but broke off their r/s 6 years ago. She had great fears about getting married & catching Hero in a compromising position with her flirtatious mother only confirmed them. Seeing Hero again after all those years apart makes her realize how vulnerable she still is to him & tries hard to keep her distance. Hero chips at her icy mask by reminding her of how lonely her career-oriented life is & what they could've had together. She starts thawing out but she again catches him in another passionate embrace with another woman. Will heroine permanently shut the door to their romance?

My 1st Howard book & I was pleased with it. It was an emotionally-pulling romance. The barriers between heroine & Hero were poignant to read about. Heroine's reasons for separating from & avoiding further r/s with Hero were understandable & painful. I wished she discussed them with him as to give him a chance to work them out with her. But I also understood her reluctance. She wanted to preserve the little pride & self-respect left after she felt ravaged by what she discovered. Heroine was emotionally insecure but managed it with her icy demeanor & work focus. I liked that Hero was truly heartbroken over their breakup, although he tried to get over her by marrying for convenience. He never got over her & tried to win her back the 2nd time around.