Incurably Isabelle (Mills & Boon Medical)

Incurably Isabelle - Lillian Darcy Canadian heroine moves to France to work as a nurse in the same department as her doctor cousin H whom she's never met in order to work on reconciling their families once & for all. But she was advised to not let him know yet about their family connection. So when their r/s becomes romantic, heroine feels torn. When she finally tells him they're related, Hero takes a definite stand.

This was a boring book. The romance, writing style, sexual chemistry, & sex scenes were all humdrum. Romance was interspersed with hospital stories (down to minute diagnosis & txt details) & food (e.g., types of cheese). Hero & heroine did not feel intensely affected with each other. Hero didn't even fight for their r/s because he didn't want to rock the boat with his parents. That showed me that he either didn't love heroine that much or he wasn't a strong person who'd risk others' approval for love. Hero & heroine reconciled only b/c their family members finally decided to confront each other about their long-ago past rift.

I'd skip this one.