The Bedroom Surrender

The Bedroom Surrender - Emma Darcy Mixed-raced supermodel has resisted engaging in any romantic r/s due to her childhood trauma but Hero is bringing out her latent sexual impulses. Billionaire Hero has been fascinated with heroine since he 1st saw her 9 months ago. Now that he's unattached & they're finally introduced, he pursues her but treads carefully. Heroine eventually agrees to a brief island rendezvous with Hero but she ends up staying there longer than she planned. Hero wants more than a fling but heroine fears that having more will make her feel trapped.

I didn't like this Darcy romance. It was stilted & is probably b/c heroine was so emotionally disconnected so the overall emotional feel of the book was inconsistent. Hero was more open but he seemed to approach heroine in a strategic manner than from an emotional one. Heroine was like a beautiful wall. She was emotionally unreachable, mistrusting, & closed-off to anyone that wasn't her adopted family & children. Hero did his best to try to affect her but I think he was only slightly successful. I'm not even all that convinced that Hero was truly in love with heroine. He saw her more as a challenge, like an indomitable mountain to climb. Even at the end (which was very abrupt), there wasn't much of a change. Heroine was in serious need of therapy to deal with her childhood trauma.

Don't waste your time on this book. A better Darcy book is Marriage Meltdown (Harlequin Presents) or Craving Jamie.