Images Of Desire

Images of Desire - Anne Beaumont is very reluctant about agreeing to do the shoot due to her shy nature & her negative modeling experiences as a teen but she does so anyway in order to save her sister's career. Hero takes her to his island for the ad campaign & their time together there amplifies their sexual tension. Hero's ambivalent attitude towards heroine makes her unsure about his interest in her. She wonders if his interest in her is genuine or if she's merely a substitute for her more vibrant twin sister.

Beaumont writes with emotional impact & made reading this book go fast. The romance, sexual, chemistry, & sex scenes were passionate & sweet. Characters were likeable. I usually don't like characters who are pretty insecure but Beaumont made insecure heroine likeable. Heroine is an emotionally sensitive person. She's caring & means well & takes to heart others' negative treatment of her. She knows this about herself & manages it by living a simple & somewhat solitary life. She's not self-pitying or acts helpless about her sensitivity. She in fact views her sensitivity with some humor & practicality. So Hero's cynical & forceful attitude rubs her the wrong way. She promises to avoid him & erect her emotional walls when they're together yet he often manages to touch her heart anyway when he acts with tenderness & vulnerability towards her.