Be My Baby Tonight

Be My Baby Tonight - Kasey Michaels Heroine has been in love with professional baseball player Hero since they were childhood friends. They haven't seen each other for years since she moved far from home for college. Reuniting over dinner one day quickly leads to a spur-of-the-moment Vegas wedding. Their work schedules & frequent travels out of town makes for some passionate sexual reunions but impede their emotional intimacy. Their marriage worsens when she finally finds out the reason why Hero wanted to marry her. But her unplanned pregnancy challenges both of them to carefully think about what they want out of their r/s & their desire to obtain it.

There were some entertaining moments in this Michaels book. The characters, dialogue, & the way the main romance progressed was written in a light-hearted fashion & was sometimes humorous. The baseball talk & info (which there was a lot of) I could do without. My eyes & interests glazed over the baseball stuff & I'd skip over to the romance parts. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were ok. I liked how Hero gradually fell in love with heroine & worked to convince her of his affections for her. He didn't grovel exactly. He gave her the space & time that she wanted & showed his interests by supporting her in her pregnancy & having sympathetic pregnancy symptoms. It worked to show her that he was serious about her & was believable enough for me.

Somewhat recommended.