Second Bride

The Second Bride - Catherine George Budding novelist heroine still suffers from unrequited love towards her recently-deceased best friend's husband even though she hasn't seen him since her friend's funeral 1 year ago & didn't expect to see him ever again given their very stilted r/s. So his unexpected visit to her flat surprised her & even more so their passionate sexual encounter. Heroine gets pregnant & accepts his marriage proposal as obligatory as it seemed to her. Their tenuous marriage soon worsens when heroine suffers a miscarriage the day after they finally make love again. Both immerse themselves in their work & tiptoe around each other until their passions explode. Heroine is finally convinced that she can never compete with the perfection of Hero's first wife but doesn't understand Hero's jealousy towards her former lover.

I was ready to give up on reading any more George books b/c I found her other books boring & lacking in emotionality. So this book surprised me. It was emotionally-evoking & more tightly-written. George developed the main characters' romance with simmering sexual tension & hidden emotions. I could feel the angst of heroine's unrequited love for Hero & feel Hero's emotional tension towards her. It captivated my interest & made it a fast read. Sex scenes were tame & generalized but the mounting sexual chemistry made up for it. I liked how Hero & heroine resolved their misunderstandings as well as their issues re: Hero's 1st wife. Their powerful love for each other was touching & was made strong by the trials that they went through.