Mirror Bride (The Marriage Maker)

Mirror Bride (The Marriage Maker) - Robyn Donald Impoverished 29yo heroine tries to blackmail her former teen crush & retired car-racing celebrity Hero to finance her 6yo half-brother's ear surgery. She informs him that her half-brother is his son with her deceased mother. Hero thinks heroine is foisting her own son on to him for financial gain & demands a DNA test. Hero claims the DNA results are what he expected & moves heroine & her half-brother into his home. Threats to take away her half-brother by her abusive stepfather prompts heroine to suggest marriage to Hero for protection. But their marriage doesn't stop her stepfather from his continued threats & soon the truth about her half-brother's paternity is revealed. Does their marriage have a chance of surviving?

The twists re: the paternity of heroine's half-brother held my interest. It placed a big barrier in the main characters' romance & sexual chemistry. The question of whether Hero slept with heroine's mother while he was flirting with her in the past loomed in the background. Heroine's resorting to blackmail to save her brother's health was understandable. She had exhausted all other avenues & saw it as her only recourse. These play with moral issues added a bit of angst to this book. Things were resolved fairly well & predictably so at the end. It made for a pleasant read.

Moderately recommended.