Threat From The Past

Threat From The Past - Beautiful heroine reluctantly agrees to the blackmailed marriage proposal of successful banker Hero or else risk the fragile health & financial well-being of her beloved uncle. Heroine just learned from her aunt & cousin that Hero is the bastard son of her uncle & was warned that he's seeking revenge on their family for rejecting him & not supplying him with money on demand throughout the years. Heroine still can't stop her strong attraction to Hero despite what she's heard about him & how he's acted towards her. She tolerates the idea of a marriage of convenience with Hero b/c of their shared sexual desire for each other. But Hero's rejection of further sexual intimacy with her coupled with his looks of disgust shatters her hopes for a bearable marriage. Is Hero's puzzling behaviors towards her part of his revenge plans?

I liked the dramatic emotionality in this Hamilton book. It made for a fast & interesting read. Sexual chemistry was palpable from the get-go & was made more exciting by Hero's hot & cold responses to heroine during their sexual play. Characters were dynamic. Hero is arrogant & controlling but has a hidden vulnerable side to him. Heroine is loyal & strong & is uncomfortable with her sexuality. There's a lot of emotional & sexual tension b/w these 2 & it was resolved fairly well in the end. I liked that Hero finally explained his puzzling behaviors & showed his vulnerable side to heroine at the end.