After the Ball (Pennington)

After the Ball (Pennington) - Catherine George More voluptuous twin is caught by her brother's longtime best friend Hero impersonating her glamorous twin sister at a party hosted by her sister's new boyfriend. Hero helps her out of a sticky situation with her sister's increasingly amorous boyfriend & lets her spend the night at his house. They haven't talked for a few years since the night that they almost had sex but heroine halted it. Hero confronts her about that incident & heroine tells him it was part of her revenge plan for trying to seduce her twin sister. Even when heroine finds out the truth from both Hero & her twin she still fights their mutual attraction to each other b/c he doesn't want to marry anyone. He does affirm his continued sexual interest in her & offers to play her pretend fiancé to ward off her persistent suitors. He also hires her to decorate his house. Their constant contact & pretend romance makes it harder for heroine to keep herself from falling more in love with him.

The best part about this George book was that it was driven by the main characters' sexual chemistry. It was subtle yet still powerful. It was a bit too prolonged though. Past the half mark of the book I got tired & felt a bit irritated with heroine's avoidance of their attraction & putting Hero down. I also got irritated by heroine's insecurity about her looks in comparison to her twin & putting herself down for it. The parts about her persistent ex-boyfriend & her twin's lecherous beau also seemed like another annoying interference to Hero & heroine's r/s. All these interferences became to seem contrived during the latter part of the book. Their coming together at the end wasn't strong or exciting enough to make up for the previous annoyances.

Limitedly recommended.