Hari Perkawinan Mereka (Their Wedding Day)

Hari Perkawinan Mereka (Their Wedding Day) - Emma Darcy 28yo heroine goes to her husband's office to meet the woman he's leaving her for & encounters her husband's boss Hero who she's been avoiding since she saw him during a company party a year before. Hero was the best friend of her late brother & who was involved in the car crash with him the day after he & heroine made love. She hasn't seen him since & didn't tell him she got pregnant with their son. Hero is determined to help her move on with her marriage & informs her of his intention to take care of her & her 3 kids. She has had it with men & their broken promises to her & makes conditions to test his sincerity.

This was an ok Darcy book. I liked Hero's pining for heroine all those years they were apart, even knowing that she married someone else. Seeing her 11 years later with her husband didn't stop him from longing for her. He was honorable in his non-interference with her marriage. But, as soon as he found out that she & her hubby were divorcing, I liked how he clearly made known his attraction & intentions towards her. He was lovingly inclusive of all her kids & showed how he wanted to take care of all of them. I
didn't like & don't really believe heroine's sudden change of love from her husband & Hero within 2 days. She loved her husband, married him, & had kids with him. She felt very betrayed by his infidelity & was willing to fight for him, thus, her visit to see the Other Woman. So, it was disconcerting to see her quickly shift her affection from her husband to Hero in no time. It made her seem so emotionally malleable & man-dependent. I would've liked to see her strike it on her own & get a job or something instead of just transferring houses & men. But Hero was pretty determined & attractive so maybe she was fighting a losing battle. Another thing I didn't care for was how EVIL her ex-husband's new girlfriend was. She had 2 abortions, didn't like children, money-hungry, manipulative,& a thief. Was it really necessary to make the other woman look THAT bad? Why not magnify the primary person at fault to begin with--heroine's husband? He's the one, after all, who chose to cheat on heroine & leave her & their kids for somebody else. My only other complaint is the book cover. The baby in the cover looks like a possessed baby doll & made bridal heroine looks nutty, carrying a baby doll at her wedding.

Somewhat recommended.