Heroine goes to France to meets with her deceased father's longtime married mistress per her father's dying request. She likes her but feels uncomfortable with her watchful businessman son. Her discomfort with him wars with her increasing attraction towards him. Tensions increase b/w them when her persistent BF & his attractive neighbor stop by to visit.

Another average Wilson book. The romance, dialogue, plot, sexual tension, & sex scenes were uninspiring. I wasn't exactly bored. I was just not moved by the romance or story. It didn't engage my emotions much. The only time I felt more than neutral was feeling annoyed when heroine acted like a doormat. She was good about standing her ground with Hero. So her leaving him without confronting him was inconsistent with her previous behaviors. She also acted uncharacteristically wimpy by not completely breaking off her r/s with her temperamental BF. She had many chances to do so & she was clear in her mind that she was done with him yet she didn't do it. I was actually confused about whether he was a current BF or an ex. Her thoughts said one thing but her actions said another.

Tentatively recommended.