Cold Fire

Cold Fire - Helen Brooks Beautiful governess of Hero's 9-yr-old nephew responds defensively with Mexican Hero's romantic overtures. She is attracted to him but she has major her trust issues with men due to her her father's controlling & unfaithful behaviors with her mom. Her protective wall has served to keep interested men away from her but Hero is persistent & her growing attraction to Hero chips away from her defenses.

I've enjoyed other Brooks books ([[ASIN:0373120044 Baby Secret (Expecting) (Harlequin Presents)], [[ASIN:0373033788 Angels Do Have Wings (Sealed With A Kiss) (Harlequin Romance)]] but this one made me sleepy. Heroines like the one in this book who are so antagonistic & rigid usually get my ire up. But the way this book was written was emotionally distancing so, instead of getting me hot & bothered in a positive way, I got bored & sleepy. I didn't know why Hero kept on pursuing heroine who acted & talked so coldly & offensively towards him. He should've dumped her & shipped her back to England. But I didn't care enough about them to root for the outcome. The description of the book's setting was sadly more intriguing than the characters, romance, & dialogue. Now that's sad.

Setting sounded beautiful but not much else to recommend.