The Marriage War

The Marriage War - Charlotte Lamb Harried mother of 3 (all under age 7) is shocked at receiving anonymous letter informing her about husband cheating on her. She's 1st unsure whether to believe it but, when she sees husband with his arm around Other Woman's waist, she decides to fight for him. Heroine realizes that she hasn't been there for hero in the last 2 yrs since before their handful 2-yr-old was born. When confronted, hero confessed to "almost" being in love with OW but not having had sex with her. He blames heroine for neglecting his needs b/c of her focus on taking care of their young kids, while OW provided the attention he's needed. Although heroine makes it clear that she wants to stay married, she has difficulty jumping back in the sack with hero b/c she still feels hurt & unsure about his feelings for OW and hero sees her resistance as another instance of her neglecting his needs. With some time together without the kids & OW starts acting obsessive, hero is more amenable to improving their marriage.

This Lamb book was definitely emotionally involving. I'm not a fan of cheating books but the way this story unfolded was riveting. The hero was such an immature, selfish & deceitful jerk (and his role as parent is a whole other matter) & the heroine a codependent doormat. It was like watching 2 cars you know are about to collide. I. Could. Not. Look. Away. I was astounded & disgusted that heroine would own the blame for their marriage failing & his cheating & lying to herself. And for her to get aroused by seeing him naked, right after being so anguished the whole night at the thought that he was with the OW before he came home...Not sexy at all. Despite that & the fact that hero only seems physically attracted to heroine when she's more dressed up, Lamb still made their sexual chemistry seem hot. I wish that OW wasn't portrayed as a crazy villain towards the 2nd half. It would have made hero's choice more challenging & enlightening about their future.

Recommended if you can stand the emotional cheating & blame game.