Stranger From The Past

Stranger From The Past - Penny Jordan 25yo business owner is aghast to find out that her teenage crush is back in town & planning on residing there again. She’s successfully avoided him the last 10 years after overhearing him talk about her infatuation with him with his grandfather. But now she’s thinking of moving to avoid having Hero wreck havoc with her feelings again, especially when the eventual time came that he get married & started a family with another woman. Her recent interactions with Hero served to show her how intensely she still feels for him, no matter her cold attitude & cutting remarks towards him. But does Hero’s seeming change of heart towards her repair the hurt she suffers for her unrequited love?

This Jordan book was mostly written through heroine’s POV (point of view) & it was emotionally-moving. It was heartbreaking to know about the huge devastation she felt at age 15 when she overheard 22yo Hero talking about her crush on him with his grandfather. It was poignant to see her struggling with her adult feelings for Hero & trying to hide it by acting coldly towards him. The heroine’s POV absorbed me into what she was going through, including her sexual awakening. We get to see a bit of Hero’s side but towards the end & that helped balance out the book & the romance. Reading about his side informed me that he had his romantic struggles about heroine as well. I loved how their romance finally unfolded at the end. What Hero had to say to heroine made what she overheard 10 years before make sense. This was a poignant & sexy book.