College-senior heroine runs out of British Hero when they were heavily making out in her apartment the night they met. She was more scared of having sex than her desire to get rid of her virginity. They are both shocked to learn the morning after that Hero is the professor of 1 of her theatre classes. They try to resist their attraction to each other & keep things professional. But distance, time, & fear of being found out were not enough to keep them away from each other for long.

Great sexual tension that stretched longer than I expected, given that both were hot for each other from the instant they met. I liked that their sexual forays were consistent with heroine’s issues with sexual intimacy & their attempts to stay within their student-teacher roles. It became evident that their attraction was not just physical. They had one of those unexplainable connection that comes from fate & not the logic of having known each other or liking each other’s good looks. Some of the seriousness of the book was balanced well with the humor from heroine’s quirkiness & sometimes funny insecurities. The college culture was the main locale of the book. It provided a contrast between heroine’s college mentality & Hero’s post-college one. I admired Hero’s patience with heroine doing her alcohol get-togethers with her classmates & club-hopping while he stayed home alone with his books. He was also patient with her uncertainty about him & her male friend. Heroine’s uncertainties were quite average for college seniors like her…except for her secret affair with her professor.