REVIEW: On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) by Samantha Young

22yo American heroine is trying her best to be cool and indifferent to her new roomate's gorgeous and charming 30yo brother.

Unfortunately her constant rejections and put-downs only fire him up and he seems to frequently pop up wherever she is. She eventually gives in to their strong mutual attraction but makes sure that he's clear that it's just sex. But with Hero spending time with her as often as he can and tricking her into going on dates and spending the night with him, she soon finds herself caring for him more. When will she trust him enough to share her traumatic past with him?

Great read. Great romance. Great characters. The writing was smooth and very engaging. It was a good mix of humor, sexiness, and angst. Loved the heroine in this one. She was a straight-shooter who valued her privacy due to her painful losses. She deliberately acted indifferent & abrupt with others but I never disliked her. The author let us see beyond her act to her motives underneath. Heroine was truly a caring person but she's learned that caring could lead to pain. So no emotional involvement was safer. But Hero and heroine's friends were slowly chipping away at her walls. I also think that heroine was finally ready to risk living with her emotions again. Having her go see a therapist while taking emotional risks with Hero, her friends, and her past was a brilliant idea and made her heavy emotional adjustments believable and healthy.

I liked the character development in Hero also. He was a major player. He was a serial monogamist with a short expiration date, after his marriage at 22 soured him on commitments. Meeting and then getting to know heroine changed his playboy status. We see him become more intensely attentive and possessive of her. But he wasn't intrusive and demanding when it came to her painful personal pasts. He understood her need for privacy and gave her the space she needed. He was, however, alpha & demanding when it came to her spending time with him and how they spent it together. I liked that heroine didn't let him overpower her. She gave it back as good as he gave--humor, sarcasm, confrontation, and sex. They were a good match in power & control.

Definitely recommended.

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