REVIEW: Secret Guardian (Secret Series, #3) by Jill Sanders

News journalist is on the run with her cameraman Hero, after her interview with a man who exposed some drug-trafficking in Brazil. Their escape through the jungle from Rio de Janeiro to Lima, Peru exposes them to more danger.

Heroine finds out that Hero is actually not the egotistical playboy she thought he was. He confesses to being secretly hired by her senator father to protect her from those who are against the causes he’s championing. Their attraction flares during the time they spend escaping from those chasing them. But does it last when they get back to safety & things settle down?

Overall an average read. The best parts of the book are the location descriptions and the action scenes…Details about the locales in Brazil & Peru were fascinating. The action scenes, especially when they slid down the mountain onto the river, were pretty thrilling. The plotline was plausible and predictable. The villain's identity wasn't all that surprising but made sense given his connection with heroine. The violence wasn't detailed in a gory way but made the point. The main characters were likeable. Hero and heroine were both independent, hard-working and successful in their line of work. They both were humanitarian and cared for the well-being of others. Their romance was straightforward. No big misunderstandings once Hero revealed his real identity (which was quite early on in the book). And neither resisted their feelings for each other. The complication to their relationship was the external danger. I wished that the emotional connection between them was stronger & consistent though. They may have been described as emotionally & sexually drawn to each other quickly but I didn't feel it. A consistent & stronger emotional tone would've grabbed my attention & made it a more-than-average read for me.

Somewhat recommended.

*ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.
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