Untamed Lover (Promotional Presents)

Untamed Lover (Promotional Presents) - Sharon Kendrick Newly-engaged heroine agrees to go to Australia with soon-to-be-ex husband of 10 years, who left her after only being married for 2 months, to help with his business dealings.
Their passion for each other remains strong, even when they find out about the issues that broke their marriage 10 years ago & the changes both have undergone during their separation. But is passion enough?

I liked this Kendrick book. The romance, dialogue, characterization, & sexual chemistry were all good. My emotions were engaged & made the pages fly. There was drama but also some light-hearted moments. The romance was touching. I liked how Hero & heroine both realized their immaturity during their teen marriage & how they both developed as individuals while separated. It was refreshing to read BOTH Hero & heroine staying celibate in the 10 years they were apart, even with both thinking the other wasn't as emotionally invested in the marriage. I liked how both admitted to their mistakes & tried to remedy it. If they could only have communicated it openly earlier, the separation would've been avoided...but I guess there would be no reason to write this story.

Highly recommended.

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