REVIEW: Chasing Dreams (The Falling, #1) by Kelli Evans

Mid-20s Niagara Falls boat tour-guide feels an instant connection with new college-graduate 24yo Hero who’s visiting the area with his 2 frat brothers. They spend 2 intense days together with both knowing that’s all the time they would ever have together due to their distance.

Their brief time together gets interrupted by an urgent call for Hero. An emergency with heroine’s sister gets her busy on her end. How can they ever be reunited with major forces keeping them apart?

The writing grabbed me with its simple dialogue, emotionality, drama, and the characters’ sizzling chemistry. I finished it no time, being immersed in the romance of these star-crossed lovers. Hero & heroine had an intense & instant connection but there were so many factors going against their relationship. And all within just 2 days of meeting and being together. I thought their getting-together in half a day not only believable but incredibly sexy. From their point of views, it was apparent that both viewed their experience with each other as something very unique. They questioned it, thought about it, and accepted it after realizing that it was a one-of-a-kind experience they may never have with anyone else. Both Hero and heroine were not usually impulsive people but they took enough risks to jump into their unusual relationship, knowing it would have some consequences they’d have to deal with later. The interruptions to their budding romance were quite dramatic & made me wonder how the 2 would ever be reunited.** It took awhile but it was worth it. All that anticipation to their seeing each other again grew each time their potential reunion was either cut short or totally missed. I loved the realism of their reunion. It showed mid-20s Hero & heroine in a realistic state of being in between work and questioning relocation. The epilogue 1 year after was nice because it gave us a view of the stability they reached while being together.


*ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.
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