REVIEW: True Love Story by Willow Aster

24y.o. writer has been trying to forget 34y.o. musician Hero. She broke their engagement almost 3 years ago after he confessed to cheating on her with his cousin’s wife. She’s loved him since the day they met when she was age 18,

sustained a long-distance relationship, and was looking forward to their impending marriage in 2 months time. His betrayal destroyed her and broke her trust. Hero is apologetic and tries to show her that he’ll be true to her from this time on. Will the passage of time heal her wounds and allow her to take another chance with him?

Captivating writing. The emotionality, characterization, and sexual tension of this book pulled me into Hero and heroine’s romance. We know that there’s infidelity involved from the very first chapter. The book is told from heroine’s POV(point of view) and we’re taken into her view of how their relationship progressed. The way they showed their feelings for each other when they were together convinced me of how much they loved each other. They had an intensity and immediacy in their connection that was powerful. And that’s what made his betrayal so poignant for me. They were so good together from all their great times connecting and being together. Then, wham! Hit with the cheating. The cheating that went on for 1.5 years into their relationship. It felt so jarring to go from a happy romance to devastation. I HAD to re-read the parts during the time he was cheating on heroine to see if I could find changes in his words and behaviors that could’ve clued heroine (and me) in to his change of heart. Alas, no. His words and actions seemed so sincere and devoted to heroine. But he was purposely lying and deceiving her with no intention of ever telling her the truth. And his reasons for cheating were weak.*

I did believe he changed some after she dumped him. He finally was open and vulnerable to her. But his letters had an element of self-focus instead of the genuine groveling that he should’ve showed. His promises of eternal devotion towards her lasted only about a year, when he decided to move on by dating another woman. His words were bigger than his actions. Still, he did become more selfless and his almost 3-year celibacy attested to his change. The power shift between Hero and heroine and the whole trust issue makes me wonder about their HEA(happily ever after).

Somewhat recommended.

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