REVIEW: Hello, My Love by E. Journey

23y.o. law-school student has a one-night stand with 32y.o. online businessman Hero 2 days before his wedding day.

For the past year, their relationship had been slowly building from being regular dinner companions at her parents’ house to close friendship. Hero’s impending marriage to another woman served to expose their secret and growing mutual attraction. Heroine accepted that their night together would change things forever. She just didn’t anticipate how much and that she wouldn’t hear from Hero for that long. What happened to his marriage? Did he wait too long to get back in touch with her? How will react when he finds out about their baby?

Decent romance with a light mystery-suspense towards the end. The book was told from both Hero and heroine’s POV in a 3rd-person narrative, which helped since both of them are not the most emotionally-expressive people and they tended to hide their feelings from others. Their dialogue with other characters also helped us get to know Hero and heroine more. Both characters were generally likeable. They seemed to share many similarities: both ambitious, hard-working, congenial, and intelligent. But there were some matters about them I questioned. Hero’s faithfulness, for one. He was emotionally cheating on his fiancée with heroine, ever since he met her & tried to pursue her. It’s not really clear but his cheating didn’t end with heroine alone. I also questioned Hero’s supposed love for heroine. If he was in love with her, then why not contact her for 2 years with a simple explanation of what he was trying to do? Instead he leaves her hanging. Heroine’s actions also made me pause. Her willingness to sleep with affianced Hero didn’t fit her cautious & responsible character, especially the timing of when it happened. Her passive actions after her 1-night-stand with Hero seemed unlike her no-nonsense, assertive character.

What I liked about this book was their character growth. Hero showed that he matured from his cheating and self-absorbed ways. His methods and the time it took may have been somewhat extreme but it worked.** We saw him become a better man for himself and for heroine. He willingly confessed what he’d gone through and why to her. He became more emotionally open and honest. Heroine too got past her listless pining and grief over Hero’s neglect of her. She may not have moved on romantically but she did with other parts of her life (i.e., her law career, single parenting, improved relationship with her parents). These changes in both of them were what made their quick reconciliation believable to me. Their reconciliation was smooth, including his knowing about their son. From there, the mystery of who was trying to hurt her became to focal point. This part was an interesting shift and added some conflict in Hero and heroine’s new life together.

Sexual chemistry was ok. Initial sex scene was more descriptive but not explicit. The rest were generalized.


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*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.