REVIEW: This Much Is True by Katherine Owen

22yo ballerina is trying to hold it together as she had the past 4+ years. Yet she still can’t forget about 27yo baseball-player Hero.

She can’t forget their one powerful night together with its drastic consequences nor the immediate betrayal of his supposed love for her not even 1 day after they made promises to each other. She wonders if the great sacrifices she made for her career and his are really worth it. Hero himself has been struggling with regrets of choosing baseball over her. But they both made their beds & the timing always seems to be wrong. They’re now dating other people & have established very successful careers like they set out to do. How & when do they ever manage to be reconcile?

Talk about drama and angst. This book had them in spades. The writing—with its emotional tone and serious content—held my attention. I was either in shock, angry, hopeful, annoyed, relieved, encouraged, or worried. There was no dull moment in my reading. It felt a little too much at some points. There were so many challenges keeping Hero and heroine from each other.** 450+ pages worth of complications! When they finally reconcile, it seemed too quick and not enough after all the angst of their separation. After reading the end, I felt a bit emotionally overwrought instead of satisfied and happy with their romance. Their reconciliation was too brief and somewhat inauthentic. After all that wrangling with imperfection situations, timing, and decisions, everything suddenly falls into place perfectly all at the same time. Yet the way Hero and heroine were acting was too casual for this drama-filled book to have ended that way. An epilogue would’ve helped nail down their HEA(happily ever after).


*ARC courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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