REVIEW: The Wrong Billionaire's Bed (Billionaire Boys Club #3)

25y.o. proper and efficient personal assistant makes an uncommon request for time off work in order to help her famous twin sister privately rehab from drugs. They go to their male friend’s cabin to do so and she was hoping that she could spend some one-on-one time with her friend whom she’s had a crush on since childhood.

But the cabin was far from empty since her friend’s playboy friend Hero preempted them with his lover. Heroine managed to make Hero’s lover leave but unfortunately Hero decided to stay to deliberately make things uncomfortable for her. Their constant fights ended up turning on a different sort of fire. Soon they’re burning things up with their passion for each other. But, when heroine’s crush finally asks her out on a date, she immediately accepts and leaves with him. Did she use Hero to make her crush jealous? Who does she ultimately choose?

This wasn’t an insta-love or lust book. Hero and heroine actually didn’t like each other much at first meeting.** And they fought a lot after that. Out of all that fighting and getting a rise out of each other came their chemistry and mutual attraction. After awhile, their snipping and snapping became a sexual turn-on that ended up in some pretty steamy sex scenes. Calculating Hero became hot and bothered by what he initially ridiculed heroine with: her prim and proper dress and manner. I was cracking up! It was so ironic. I loved how arrogant, prideful and self-centered Hero started transforming because of being with heroine. She challenged him to think beyond himself and to care about others. And because she mattered to him, she rubbed off on him. I thought his change from a calculating man-ho to a faithful partner to heroine was believable. He changed her as well. He brought out the untamed and emotional side of her. And helped her be more at ease and free with herself. Likely HEA(happy ever after).


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*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.