REVIEW: Romancing the Bookworm by Kate Evangelista

21y.o. college student was planning on spending her spring-vacation her best friend dragged her to reading her romance novels. She didn’t expect to be roped in to help at her friend’s brother’s seaside diner or be entranced by the brother’s best friend, surfer Hero.

She’s surprised at how interested he seems to be with her, given the toned bikini babes interested in him while she’s a size-14 clothed in blowsy dresses and always has her nose stuck in a book. As the spring break week closes in, they get closer together but heroine isn’t sure if things will end when they go back to school. When she hears from somebody else that her meeting with Hero was all part of his grand scheme, she doesn’t know what or who to believe.

It’s telling when the best you can say about the book was the anticipation you had reading it. It was really too bad because the premise sounded good: hunky surfer guy with unrequited crush over plus-sized bookworm heroine goes all out so she can notice him and spend time getting to know him. The execution fell apart from the beginning, with it’s lack of emotional focus and lukewarm characters.** The focus was on Hero’s surfing and his mistreatment of his intern-classmate. The vagueness of his secret plans and why and how started in the first chapter and permeated the book throughout. I kept on scratching my head and saying “huh?” because I was lost and didn’t know what the heck was going on. This vagueness became annoying after awhile and I didn’t care what it was by the time it became fully revealed. It was anti-climactic and predictable. That vagueness got in the way of my reading. The romance was about ego and physical attraction but not love. Hero was interested in heroine mostly because he’s never been ignored by a girl he was interested in before. They did share a chemistry later and had some sexy times. But love was never in the picture. Hero was more into heroine but I wouldn’t even call it love. The most heroine could admit to was “liking” Hero and she wasn’t even planning on anything past Spring Break and was sort of glad that Hero pursued her after. A HFN(happy for now) with a questionable future.

Miminally recommended.

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*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.