REVIEW: Safe With You by Kirsten DeMuzio

21y.o. college junior has been noticing attractive 28y.o. “Hot Coffee Guy” for the past 2 weeks at the college Starbucks she frequents between classes daily.

He rescues her from her pushy recent ex-boyfriend and offers to share his table with her. That begins their daily meetings at Starbucks and they get to know each other. Their growing attraction is mutual and evident but heroine doesn’t understand the sadness she sometimes catches in his eyes & why he’s not going forward with what they both want. It was especially odd when he pulls out of their hot date after she talked to her senator dad on the phone. What secrets is he keeping? How will she react when she finds out?

A straightforward New Adult love story between 2 sweet & likeable characters, after Hero reveals his big secret to her early on in the book. Hero was alpha with a tender side for heroine. He was 100% taken to heroine and he showed it. Heroine may live a life of a privileged senator’s daughter but she lived a quiet life and wanted simple things. Her instinctual trust of Hero was unique, given her childhood. So her retreating from Hero after he revealed his big secret was reasonable. Once she was ready to let him in her life again, their romance became steady, sweet, and sexy. It was refreshing to have a couple solidly together so early on, where their main struggle ironically became keeping their relationship a secret from others. It served to make their chemistry & stolen times together hotter. This book didn’t have major complications or angst. Things went relatively smoothly for them with just some minor interference from her ex. They were well on their way to their HEA(happy ever after).

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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